Ignas has the gift of enabling his coaching clients to enlarge their perspective and  shine a light on inner processes. He achieves this by constantly reviewing what works well and questioning what underpins their motivations, reflecting this back in a non-judgemental  way. This may sound straightforward, but I have found it to be groundbreaking. Being coached by Ignas has helped me to realign my energy, stop wasting time and enjoy what I am doing to the full.  A coaching conversation with Ignas can lead to unexpected results without over-talking the outcome. Instead, there is space to breathe and reconsider redundant habits of mind that we hold onto for grim death. It is virtually impossible to achieve this without help and support and Ignas’s wisdom acquired through long and arduous training is the treasure that he offers his coaching clients and the world.

Jane Darby
Contemporary Film Student

Ignas has an authentic and holistic coaching style. He is very present with the client and created a safe and non-judgemental space for me to learn more about myself, going way beyond the ‘symptoms’ and exploring what was really going on. Alongside a great level of support and genuine curiosity, he was very masterful at challenging me in a way that served me powerfully and when I needed it the most.  

Amina Toups
Life Coach

I approached Ignas feeling somewhat stuck in life, dissatisfied with my current job and generally lacking direction. I have to confess, I didn’t really hold my breath for an epiphany as a result of the session, or any kind of meaningful outcome for that matter. I couldn’t be more wrong! Ignas’ calm presence and gentle but persistent questioning technique helped me open up and dive in deep into psyche. By encouraging me to not only visualise, but really FEEL where I wanted to be in life he gifted me an infallible compass that will help me stay on track and never lose sight of my goal. And I didn’t even know what my goal was before we started working together! I had a vague idea of where I wanted to be but no clue whatsoever of what that was exactly or how to get there. Not only did Ignas help me clarify that but in a few minutes he elicited a time-bound realistic action plan from me, which left me feeling positive about the next steps I need to take to move towards my, now much more attainable, goal.

Pani Estera

Ignas was a great coach and helped me work through some my issues and offered advice and information on my journey. He was very encouraging with a genuine caring attitude which really helped and inspired me.

Phil Hunter
Software Tester

A light and simple conversation with Ignas calmed me down. I started thinking about myself, my actions and experience, about what’s next. I started to truly act, because I felt things were going wrong, I was absent-minded and everything was getting out of hand. Then I paused in reflection, got myself together, and started taking action. First, I got rid of the obstacles in my mind. I started observing the amount of time it takes me to carry out tasks, started noting the changes I can make to my environment so I can feel comfortable. I began mending mistakes and learning things that’d previously seemed unnecessary to live a happy life. I no more pressure myself for doing too little and spending time on things which seem less meaningful. I simply act in a way that seems best at a given moment and I feel more self-confident.

Monika Jakutyte
Fashion Technology Student

Thank you your accurate questions and for encouraging to have a deeper look. This got me moving again and helped me see my own strengths. The reflection technique was beautifully applied and even realizing what methods were being used I could relax my analytical thinking about others and appreciate seeing my own situation from another person’s point of view. This reduced confusion in my mind. After the session I feel standing in my own shoes with more stability.

Lukrecija Kile
Scandinavian Languages Expert

I talked with Ignas for about 45 minutes in our introduction call, and the first thing I noticed that was different from the other coaches I spoke to, that he is great listener and present with you throughout the conversation; also asks the right questions at the right time to help you look deeper at whatever is “stopping” you. From our time together, I felt like he gave me the clarity, direction, and understanding on what I needed to do next, on how to solve a specific barrier that was limiting me. I would recommend doing an introduction call with him ASAP, just that alone can be bring great insight and breakthroughs to your life.

Philip Mattawashish

Ignas has an attentive, professional and sensitive approach that helped create safe atmosphere during our sessions where it was easy to openly share the not-so-comfortable questions about life. From the very first session I felt a strong trust in Ignas and was pleasantly surprised by his accurate and well-timed insights, which helped me see my own situation in a new light. With his guidance not only did I manage to identify the key points of the problem in a short session but also to discover their interaction in the overall context of my life (both personal and professional) and to envisage concrete actions to solve it. After our sessions my self-confidence increased, I have a much clearer understanding of my situation and feel strongly motivated to move towards change. Sessions with Ignas liberate, strengthen and inspire.

Julija Sredersaite
Music and Events Manager

Together with Ignas I have recognized some vicious circles spinning in my head that for a long time prevented me from being active and taking responsibility for my actions, in particular repeating situations and relationship patterns. I‘m more than happy to have met him since he showed me the way to a healing process.

Laura Svedaite
Freelance Translator

Ignas is a good listener. He will let you tell your story and be comfortable. He provides privacy into details you don't want to include in the session. He often leads you to the realization of your own conflicts and its proper resolutions. Keen to details and very observant. A session with him is like letting your inner thoughts be free. You can tell everything to anything that you think hinders your capabilities in having a happy life. In addition he creates a very positive atmosphere through out the session that will make you feel at ease.

Grace Halili