Online Team Building

Available in French - Dutch - English

Why online team building?

Have repeated confinement and home working affected the cohesion, well-being, efficiency and motivation of your team? 
Have you recruited new staff and would like to integrate them into the team?

Do you want to have a good time as a team, and find informal moments online?

It's time to take action and motivate the troops!

We offer immersive and formative online team buildings, during which each member of your team is immersed in a 3D game from their computer, with the support of a certified coach.      

Play 3D Werewolf online as a team

A small village in the middle of the forest has recently fallen prey to werewolves. Every night, murders are committed by some of the villagers, who have become Lycanthropes due to a mysterious phenomenon. The villagers must pull together to eradicate this new plague before the village loses its last inhabitants.

Put on your avatar and project yourself into this authentic 3D village. Use your keyboard (and mouse) to move around in a virtual world.
At night, beware of werewolves, take shelter in a house. At sunrise, develop a strategy to survive.

What do our virtual team buildings offer you?

Our immersive online team buildings allow you to :

  • To have fun with colleagues in a virtual world in the middle of nature;
  • To discover yourself and the hidden facets of your colleagues;
  • To strengthen the bonds between colleagues;
  • To develop team strategy, communication and decision making;
  • To highlight the leadership of your team.

They will fit perfectly into a coffee corner online, a virtual lunch break, after a team meeting on Zoom or Teams, or as an online team building activity.

The plus of our team buildings?

Accompaniment by a certified coach to debrief on the session. The participants learn more about their team and its functioning, creating direct connections with real work situations.

Our "classic" formula

We present you with some standard formulas that can be customised and adapted to best suit your needs.

Silver Formula

  • Game rules
  • 1 or more parts of Lycan

1h – 1h30 – 2h

Aperitif formula

  • Game rules
  • Between 2 and 4 games of Lycan
  • 1 "100% Belgian" aperitif delivered to your home!

2 hours

Gold Formula

  • Game rules
  • Between 2 and 4 games of Lycan
  • Debriefing with a coach

2h – 3h – 4h

Diamond Formula

  • Game rules
  • 2h of Lycan Game
  • team coaching workshops based on Insights Discovery, collective intelligence,...

One day